Prayog Theater

Prayog Theater Group USA was formed in North Brunswick, NJ in 2012. It is based in New Jersey and constantly staging it’s shows all over USA since the formation. Prayog – US team is formed by local artists, most having long term theater experience. Prayog – US has staged 100+ shows of over 25 full length plays. Besides the full-length plays, Prayog US has staged several short plays and street plays.

Prayog Continues

Theater does not present the world as-is but it breaks the illusion of reality and creates altogether a new world! When the writers or the artists come closer to reality, then they start to understand the concerns towards society and the world needs deep society-conscious play writers and theater workers. Prayog has established a unique name in the field of theater and continues to rise to greater heights. Successfully connecting the audience to the theater is the success of the theater. “Prayog” (The Experiment) will continue…