Our History

Prayog is a well-known Hindi theatre group of India, that was established on August 15th, 1976 in Indore, India by Late Prof. Satish Mehta and his National Award-winning actor wife Mrs. Jyotsna Mehta. Over the years, Prayog had opened branches in Bhopal, Mumbai, Rewa, Noida, and New Jersey, USA.

“Prayog” is a Hindi language word, that means experimentation. As the meaning indicates Prayog is different in the sense that it puts up its plays with experimentation in content, format, and presentation. The plays seek to throw a new and different light on social and political issues. Prayog’s constant endeavor is to bring a fresh viewpoint. The remarkable factor in the plays performed by Prayog is the variety in form and way of presentation.

Unique in format and presentation, Prayog’s plays seek to throw light on social and political issues. Satish Mehta constantly strived to bring a fresh viewpoint. According to him, our main aim is to address social anomalies and shortcomings. He developed his unique style of theater and took multiple elements from the folk traditions of Indian theater and fused them with the modern trends of theater to come up with his unique style.
The first play performed by Prayog was “Doosara Darwaja” (Writer – Dr. Laxmi Narain Lal) and this theater group has never looked back ever since. It has gone from strength to strength putting up 1500+ performances to date of 85 full-length plays.

Our Plays

Folk-style Plays: Dulari Bai, Bakri, Jadugar Jungle, Rai

Comedy Plays: Saiya Bhaye Kotwal, Langdi Tang, Sharafat teri to, Adalat Ashiko ki, Badbad Savitri,

Political and Social satire: Andhon Ka Hathi, Natak Nahin, Ala Afasar, Aaj ka Gaddha, Na Nahaye Bahadur

Social Plays: Pratibimb, Mansukh Lal Majithhiya, Hastakshar, Jaisa Tum Kaho, Shatrugandh, Nayee Havalat, Shahar Aur Shahar., Muze Amruta Chahiye.

Period Plays: Jis Lahore nahi dekhya, Ek aur Dronacharya, Birjees Qudar ka Kunba

Mythological Plays: Kandhe par baitha tha shap

Psycho-physical Plays: Bhoma, Apne hi Putle.

Street plays: Julus, Samarath, Bharat Ke Lal, and Kargil Ke Sher

With its liking for purposeful theater, Prayog has broken new grounds with street plays as well – “Julus”, “Samarath”, “Bharat Ke Lal” and “Kargil Ke Sher” were performed to aware the public with different motives. The themes of these plays were patriotism, non-violence, national integration, communal harmony and other social causes. These street plays attracted a large number of people on the streets and conveyed the message effectively to them. Prayog has a remarkable record of presenting its Plays throughout India and in USA as well. Prayog has a brigade of very talented artistes, who support the very cause for which Prayog was established and has been working ever since. Prayog has established a good name in the field of theater and continue to rise to greater heights.