Ms. Jyotsna Mehta was born in a Telugu family. She has done double Masters, both with Gold Medal in Science and Mathematics. Though a Science and Mathematics Graduate, Ms Mehta was always naturally inclined to theater and acting. She has been entertaining audience and participating in Hindi theater, ever since her childhood.

Ms. Mehta met Prof. Satish Mehta, another theater enthusiast, director and actor during her college days. Their common connection was theater and their love for theater ultimately led to their marriage in 1971.

Ms. Mehta founded Prayog Theater Group in 1976, along with her Husband, in Indore, India. Ms. Mehta has been actively doing theater since the formation of Prayog. Over the years, Prayog and Ms. Mehta became synonymous names. During this time, she participated in 83 full length plays, and staged over 1000 shows of these plays. She has been honored and awarded on National and State levels, including the best Actor Award, Life-time achievement Award by Government of Madhya Pradesh and numerous other awards.

Ms Mehta’s work has been recognized and applauded by several newspapers, magazines and electronic-media. On numerous occasions, she made the audience move by her extraordinary performances.

Few main plays, in which she has performed are – Jis Lahore Nahi Dekhya, Ek aur Dronacharya, Kandhe per bethha thha shaap, Dulaaribai, Khamosh Adalat Jaari hai, Bakari, Aala Afsar, Bad Bad Savitri, Saiyan Bhaye Kotwaal, Mansukhlaal Majithhiya, Jadoogar Jungle, Juloos, Andho ka Haathi, Pratibimb.

Besides acting Ms Mehta’s other interests are in stage and costume design, interior design and yoga.

Ms. Mehta has been ardently serving Hindi Theater for over 50 years and still actively performing on stage. We wish her the best for many more performances to come in future.